Ruth and Gary at Maple Fall Fest in Marshfield, Wisconsin

What started out as a life-long dream, became a reality when A Slice of Heaven was born in 2009. With a passion for baking that was nurtured by my mother from the time I was a little girl, working in a kitchen came naturally for me. I continued to experiment over the years by creating delectable desserts such as cheesecakes, layered cakes, tiramisu and other confectionary delights. My husband, Gary, joins me in my business as CTO (Chief Tasting Officer). If something doesn’t appeal to his palate, then we won’t include it on our menu!

Over the years, after experiencing one of my desserts, family and friends would often comment, “Why don’t you start your own business, open a bakery and share your talent with others?” My reply was simply, “How can I start a business while I’m working a full-time job?” However, after years of encouragement and a growing desire to follow my dream, A Slice of Heaven became a reality in July 2009.

What initially was intended to be a dessert and confectionary business, has now added catering to the menu. While scrumptious desserts may be our specialty, we offer catering options to fit a variety of needs. Check out our ‘Services’ tab to learn more!

A Slice of Heaven is dedicated in memory of our oldest daughter, Melissa, who died in 2003. Melissa loved fine dining and rich desserts, with cheesecake being one of her favorites. With every cheesecake I make, I think of Melissa and how proud she would be, knowing that all of her encouraging words led me to starting my business.

Located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, we are happy to call this quiet and growing community home. And, most importantly, we are thrilled to finally be able to bring Central Wisconsin a little Slice of Heaven.