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Breakfast Menu

Egg Bake

Serves 12-14 // $30

Choose from: sausage, ham, broccoli, broccoli/red pepper/onion or black olive/onion

See our gluten-free menu for other choices.



Serves 6 // $26

Choose from: Lorraine (bacon), broccoli, seafood or broccoli/red pepper/onion


Mini Crustless Quiche

$0.60 per piece // Minimum 12 pieces per flavor

Choose from: sausage, sausage/mushroom, ham/broccoli, broccoli/red pepper or black olive/mushroom


Spicy Breakfast Potatoes

Serves 8-10 // $24


Cheesy Breakfast Potatoes

Serves 12-15 // $33



Full Size // $2.50 each //  Minimum 12 per flavor

Mini // $1.50 each // Minimum 24 per flavor

Choose from: cranberry, blueberry, buttermilk, chocolate chip or cinnamon pumpkin



$1.50 each // Minimum 12 per flavor

Choose from: blueberry streusel, cherry streusel, pumpkin streusel, chocolate chip with walnuts, cherry with cream cheese, bran with raisins & walnuts, chocolate banana, chocolate fudge, lemon with pecans, banana buttermilk, sour cream pecan or cranberry

See our gluten-free menu for other choices.


Coffee Cake – Bundt-Style

Serves 16-18

Poppy Seed // $25

Poppy Seed with Fruit & Whipping Cream // $35

Apple Cake // $30

Sour Cream Streusel with Pecans // $25

Raspberry Cream Cheese // $35

Graham Streusel with Walnuts // $25

Pound Cake // $30

Pound Cake with Fruit & Whipping Cream // $40


Coffee Cake – Pan-Style

Blueberry Crumb Cake // $28

Crumb Cake // $17

Crumb Cake with Raspberry Sauce // $28


Breakfast Bars

Serves 25-30 // $30

Choose from: cherry, blueberry or raspberry


Mini Breads

$5 each

Choose from: pumpkin, lemon-cranberry, chocolate, poppy seed or banana nut


Breads – Full-Size

Frosted Nutty Pumpkin // $17

Banana // $15

Pumpkin with Cream Cheese Frosting // $17

Lemon-Cranberry // $17


Mini Rolls

$10 per dozen

Choose from: cinnamon or caramel



$2 each

Choose from: Chocolate, Double Chocolate Chip with Almonds, Vanilla with Almonds, Vanilla with Almonds and Mini Chocolate Chips, Lemon Cranberry, Double Chocolate Craisin and Lemon Pecan


Finishing Touches

Table linens, pottery & flatware for small parties are available for rent for an additional fee.

This menu is not inclusive; please contact us to discuss special requests, other breakfast options and the size of your group. 

Prices subject to change.